What We Do

We’ve transitioned our business activities from our home office in Corona Del Mar to our boat in Long Beach Shoreline Marina.


Before you get into boating in Southern California, you need a gameplan. Don’t jump into a purchase based on a broker’s inventory or decide on what type of boat you’re going to buy without fully understanding your long term goals.

Comming soon, a full list of services to provide all you need to get the most out of boating.

The Year of R & D

Updated Saturday, July 10th, 2021

We sold our home of 14 years and signed a one year lease so we can search for the boat of our dreams and see our son through his senior year of high school. We’re calling it the year of research and development because we need to investigate all of our options before we can choose the right boat in the right marina to begin our new journey.

Join us during our year of R & D as we visit numerous southern California marinas and look at different boats that could become our new home on the water.

Our home base for R & D is this beatiful home in the village of Corona Del Mar.

Over twenty years ago, I proposed to Cherie on the Corona Del Mar footbridge, so it’s only fitting that we spend this important year where it all began. From our home base we can walk to the beach and see the waves crashing against the rocks.

Sometimes we sit on a bench at lookout point and watch the boats come and go from Newport harbor, some powered by gasoline, some by diesel, and some by the power of the wind.

Tim has his own suite upstairs with a private bath and there’s a roof top patio. Since we sold practically all of our worldly possessions, it’s nice the house came furnished and we’ll not have to worry about purging a lot when we move aboard.

The dogs love the neighborhood too which is, of course, very important. :-)

Watch this site for regular updates as we navigate our way towards the open seas!