Fix for Netbackup Error 191 on Netbackup Duplication Jobs

Netbackup 191 errors may occur on both “bpduplicate” and “bpverify” jobs. If this is in a Netbackup installation where the Master and one or more Media servers are on a different network and between a firewall then the following may apply.

After reviewing the issue with Symantec Netbackup support, they recommended changing the tcp setting “tcp_keepalive_interval” from 7200000 milliseconds to 240000.

The above change was made at 2:00 PM Wednesday, April 07, 2010. (Veritas recommends 900000 as the setting so we may change this later on if it is better.)

Command “ndd –get /dev/tcp tcp_keepalive_interval” confirmed the value of 7200000 milliseconds.

The following command was used to affect the change on master server.

ndd –set /dev/tcp tcp_keepalive_interval 240000

As of 5:30 PM Wednesday, April 07, 2010 the issue has not reoccurred.

The “ndd” command makes the change immediately, without the need for a reboot. However, this setting will revert to the default value after a reboot. To make this a permanent change after a reboot, the above command should be added to the /etc/rc2.d/S69inet script on the master server.

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