Netbackup: Mount Tape for ufsrestore

You should reserve a tape drive in a tape library that is under the control of Netbackup.  For instance you want to mount a tape in order to browse the contents for a ufsrestore. You can do it without interfering with Netbackup control.  Here is how:

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpreq -m -f

For example:

tpreq -m M00101 -f /tmp/M00101

The above command does not tell you which tape drive tape M00101 was mounted on. Use the vmoprcmd command to find out.

vmoprcmd -devmon |grep

For instance your output for the above command could look like the following:

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.003      Yes     Yes    M00101  M00101  No        hcart3

When you’re done using the drive and you want to make it available to Netbackup once more you can execute the following:

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpunmount -f /tmp/M00101

Mount tape:

To mount the above tape run the following command:

Process to do ufsrestore from tape

Restoring from tape…

Each Time Need to do all steps below:

mt -f /dev/rmt/5cbn rew

mt -f /dev/rmt/5cbn fsf 1

mt -f /dev/rmt/5cbn fsr 2

ufsrestore if /dev/rmt/5cbn

(at this point you can “ls”, “add”, “delete” and “extract”)

After each extract you will need to start over.

After entering extract you will be prompted twice.

1st time enter “1”.

2nd time enter “n”

When extract finishes quit ufsrestore and repeat steps.

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