Celtics Game Schedule

Update April 24th, 2013: Timmy’s Team (The Celtics) won the 3rd grade championship. Timmy received the individual trophy for the best sportsmanship.

Timmy is one of the two best players on his team. (In my humble opinion) I can’t wait to watch him play again tonight.

Basketball game schedule for the season:

12/7- 4:30 vs Clippers

12/14- 5:30 vs Lakers

12/21-6:30 vs Spurs

1/11- 5:30 vs Suns

1/18- 6:30 vs Heat

1/25-4:30 vs Clippers

2/1-  5:30 vs Lakers

2/8- 6:30 vs  Spurs

Our weekly practice will be at 6:30 boys and Girls club outside court.

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