Boys Club Basketball Schedule – The Heat

League Schedule – 4th grade Lou Yantorn

Winter Basketball 2013-2014


1 Lakers

2 Heat

3 Thunder

4 Clippers

5 Celtics

6 Knicks

*** Home Team is Listed Second ***


Thursday, 12/05/13

5:30pm Heat vs Lakers

6:30pm Clippers vs Knicks

7:30pm Thunder vs Celtics


Thursday, 12/12/13

5:30pm Knicks vs Heat

6:30pm Lakers vs Thunder

7:30pm Celtics vs Clippers


Thursday, 12/19/13

5:30pm Clippers vs Lakers

6:30pm Thunder vs Heat

7:30pm Celtics vs Knicks


Thursday, 01/09/14

5:30pm Heat vs Clippers

6:30pm Lakers vs Celtics

7:30pm Knicks vs Thunder


Thursday, 01/16/14

5:30pm Lakers vs Knicks

6:30pm Celtics vs Heat

7:30pm Clippers vs Thunder


Thursday, 01/23/14

5:30pm Knicks vs Clippers

6:30pm Celtics vs Thunder

7:30pm Lakers vs Heat


Thursday, 01/30/14

5:30pm Thunder vs Lakers

6:30pm Heat vs Knicks

7:30pm Clippers vs Celtics


Thursday, 02/06/14

5:30pm Heat vs Thunder

6:30pm Lakers vs Clippers

7:30pm Knicks vs Celtics


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