Netbackup Accelerator Setup – VMware and Non-VMware Backups

NetBackup Accelerator Setup For Non-VMware Type Backups

  • Enable the “Use Accelerator” attribute in the backup policy.
  • For each client in the backup policy that you want optimized, enable the “Use Change Journal” attribute in the client properties under Windows Client/Client Settings.

Tracking File Location:

  • The tracking files all local drives on a Windows client are kept in :\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\track\\\\Policy\

NetBackup Accelerator Setup for VMware Type Backups

  • Enable the “Use Accelerator” attribute in the backup policy.
  • NetBackup automatically enables changed block tracking (CBT) on each VM if it is not already enabled.

Tracking File Location(s):

  • VMware keeps the changed block logging file (ctk file) in the VMDK datastore. There is a permanent ctk file for each VMDK and it is not very big; about 5MB.
  • NetBackup does not keep the tracking files it normally keeps for Accelerator for vmware type backups. First of all, vmware type backups are off-host and the virtual disks are not written do.  NetBackup uses VMware CBT to track the changes along with the files found on the NetBackup master server in this location (Linux server example). /usr/openv/netbackup/db/snapshot/vm/

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