Netapp: autosupport.doit

You can login to DataONTAP and generate an autosupport in case you need one. For instance you want to provide the autosupport to a 3rd party vendor who will give you a quote for maintenance. The following command will generate an email (with the autosupport) to the address associated with “” option. To run this command type:

options autosupport.doit ’some sort of message here’

The message you type will be included in the subject line of the email.

The message can be a single word or a string enclosed in single quotation marks. The message is included in the subject line of the AutoSupport notification and should be used to explain the reason for the notification.

You can verify that AutoSupport is working by using the “Call Home Check” function, which sends an autosupport.doit message with a subject line containing any variation of the word TEST or TESTING. When such a message is sent to NetApp, the mail handler sends an automated response to the configured recipient addresses, indicating that the test AutoSupport message was received successfully.

Fix Bad Label – Netapp Filer

When you run sysconfig -r you see 1 or more RAID disks labeled “bad label”. When you run the command “disk unfail x.x” it briefly unfails the disk then fails it again and makes it a bad label.

Run the following commands as root at the prompt:

priv set advanced

disk unfail -s x.x (make note that you must use the -s option)

The above will successfully unfail the disk. Now you should run ”disk zero spares”.