Using Snapvault


The backup of volumes on the source filer is determined by the snapvault relationships which are configured between the source filer and the destination (secondary) filer. These relationships include a baseline snapvault and scheduled daily snapvault delta transfers.


Volume “test” will be used in all examples.

Source Filer

A snapvault relationship must be setup that will create a baseline backup copy of each volume and set up a schedule for data transfers.

snapvault start -S source:/vol/test/- destination:/vol/BKUP/test

snapvault snap sched test sv_hourly ’30@mon-sun@8,10,12,14,16′

snapvault snap sched test sv_nightly ’30@mon-sun@20′

Regular snapshots taken on the source filer are not used in the snapvault process.

The following three commands by the appropriate accounts from the appropriate trusted hosts will complete the setup process.

ssh gabriel snapvault snap sched -x dcdata01_BKUP sv_daily 22@1@mon-fri

rsh dcdata01 snap sched test 0 0 0

It was necessary to setup ssh keys for account in the oracle home directory for host “vcorat2”. This eliminated the prompting for password during the execution of the “manual snapshot script”.


Daily Backups

Daily backups will occur as a result of the coordination execution of the “manual snapshot script” with the automatically scheduled snapvault transfers created during the setup process.

Manual Update of Snapvault

Sometimes it was desirable to initiate an update of the snapvault target prior to the scheduled time. In such cases, the following command was used.

snapvault update -s sv_daily.0 gabriel:/vol/dcdata01_BKUP/test

snapvault update <filer:/<path to volume qtree>


Data can be manually copied from the qtree on the server (gabriel) or a snapvault restore can be run especially if there is a need to restore from less than the most recent update. To run the snapvault restore command do the following:

snapvault restore –S dcdata01:/vol/test/restore

The above command will restore the most current backup to the “restore” directory. From there the customer can copy the data they need.

snapvault restore –s sv_daily.1 –S /vol/dcdata01_BKUP/test/ dcdata01:/vol/test/restore

Setup Notes

During setup the following is important to note:

After running the command to setup the snapvault relationship:

ssh gabriel snapvault start -S gabriel:/vol/dcdata01_BKUP/testdata

You should receive the message:

“Snapvault configuration for the qtree has been set.”

“Transfer started. Monitor progress with ‘snapvault status’ or the snapmirror log.”

Manual Snapshot Script Created by the Oracle DBA.

The scripts will run manual snapshots. The script will do the following:

ssh ${filer} snap delete ORA_D_${virtual_host} sv_daily.1

ssh ${filer} snap rename ORA_D_${virtual_host} sv_daily.0 sv_daily.1

ssh ${filer} snap delete ORA_L_${virtual_host} sv_daily.1

ssh ${filer} snap rename ORA_L_${virtual_host} sv_daily.0 sv_daily.1


ssh ${filer} snap create ORA_D_${virtual_host} sv_daily.0

ssh ${filer} snap create ORA_L_${virtual_host} sv_daily.0

use the following command to create a snapvault snapshot schedule for the snapvault target.