Automate LTO Tape Cleaning With Netbackup

There are two methods for automating tape drive cleaning using Netbackup. They are frequency based automation and alert based automation. If you choose to be proactive you can chose frequency based cleaning. If you don’t want to over-clean or under-clean your tape drives then you can choose to use alert based automation. Following are examples of how to setup both types of automation.

Frequency Based Cleaning – Setup

There are Two Steps For Setting Up Frequency Based Cleaning.

  1. The “Cleaning Frequency (in hours) for each tape drive should be properly set to an appropriate number of hours based on your environment. This could be 360 hours or 1000 hours or any number. I don’t make that suggestion here.  Use either the Java Console GUI or the command line to enter the frequency in hours. The command line syntax follows and uses drive “IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.005” and “1000” hours as an example:

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpclean –F  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.005  1000

  1. A barcode rule must be setup so that NetBackup can know if there are cleaning tapes in the library and determine the remaining cleanings.  Don’t use the GUI if you can avoid it to because it gets ugly. But if you must use the GUI the barcode rules setup is hidden in the inventory GUI under advanced options. The following command line command is preferred and can be run to affect the setup of the barcode rule.  Afterwards, any new tapes inserted into the library with a barcode starting with CLN will be assigned to the “None”  Volume pool, assigned 25 cleanings, made media type “HC3_CLN” and given the description “Cleaning tape”.

vmrule -add CLN HC3_CLN None 25 “Cleaning tape”

Frequency Based Cleaning – How it Works

When the accumulated mount time exceeds the time specified for cleaning frequency, drive cleaning occurs if the following are true:

If the drive is in a robotic library that supports drive cleaning

If a cleaning cartridge is defined in that robotic library

If the cleaning cartridge is compatible with the drive that needs to be cleaned

If the cleaning cartridge has a nonzero number of cleanings that remain

NetBackup resets the mount time when the drive is cleaned.

Drives can also be cleaned from the Device Monitor.

Alert Based Cleaning – Setup

Yikes this section is blank. I’ll add the content later. Hopefully you wanted to setup frequency based cleaning and you have all of the information you need. If not, leave a comment and I’ll add the instruction here.

“tpclean” Command

Runing the “tpclean –L” command from the master server will provide the information regarding whether or not a drive needs cleaning and what the accumulated mount time is. In the following example you can see that drive  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.008     needs cleaning. It should be automatically cleaned after 360 hours of accumulated mount time but as you can see it still has not been cleaned. The issue may be there are no appropriate cleaning tapes in the library or there are zero remaining cleanings. Correcting this situation will result in the drive being automatically cleaned.

bash-2.05$ sudo ./tpclean -L


Drive Name              Type      Mount Time  Frequency   Last Cleaned         Comment

**********              ****      **********  *********   ****************     *******

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.006     hcart3*   315.9       360         08:55 06/07/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.007     hcart3*   0.0         360         11:53 06/28/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.008     hcart3*   526.4       360         17:14 05/21/2011     NEEDS CLEANING

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.009     hcart3*   303.0       360         09:02 06/09/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.000     hcart3*   318.4       360         12:55 06/07/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.001     hcart3*   331.9       360         05:04 06/08/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.000     hcart3*   287.0       360         09:46 06/03/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.001     hcart3*   286.9       360         12:59 06/02/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.002     hcart3*   263.4       360         21:19 06/04/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.003     hcart3*   199.7       360         02:33 06/02/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.004     hcart3*   268.4       360         01:43 06/07/2011

IBM.ULTRIUM-TD3.005     hcart3*   153.7       360         13:53 06/04/2011

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  1. Actually, I’m using Alert Based Cleaning in my environment, so any information you could provide would be much appreciated.

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